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Concerning Protection of Personal Information

Concerning Protection of Personal Information

Personal information provided by the customer (“personal information”) and personal data retained by our company will be used for the following business tasks and within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of its use. Please see below for details of our company’s privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

1.Business Description

  1. Operation of commercial facilities
  2. Import and sales of apparel and accessories, sales of tobacco, stamps, food, drinks, etc.
  3. Construction design, management, and contract
  4. Management of sports and leisure facilities and other industries
  5. Management of hotels, Japanese-style inns, dining facilities, kiosks, and bathhouses
  6. Planning, import, and sales of character products
  7. Travel
  8. Security
  9. Sales and agency duties related to airplane tickets, coupons, etc.
  10. Real estate possession, purchase and sale, and other operations including agency business, management, lease, and appraisal
  11. Operations incidental to the above.

2.Purpose of Use

  1. For offering customer services including product sales, point card services, paging services inside buildings, etc.
  2. For providing information from the company such as introductions to the above and notification to customers of services related to clothing/ living/ leisure, and for sending introductory information about benefits and products offered by tenants in our corporate facilities.
  3. For gathering customer opinion, etc., through surveys regarding the company’s commercial facilities, etc.
  4. When using the personal information of employees affiliated to companies that have business relationships with our company, or the personal information of our own employees in order to operate commercial facilities providing customers with its services.
  5. For the appropriate and smooth execution of consigned business in the event the company is consigned by an external business with the processing of personal information, either in whole or in part, in relation to the operation of a commercial facility, the retail sale of products, etc.
  6. For marketing activities such as market research, validating the effect of PR activities, and creating PR plans for the delivery of better services and products to customers.
  7. For introducing products/ services related to the objectives of the business activities set forth in the business description and offered by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan Group companies, and LaLaport group companies (Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries listed on securities reports, etc.)
  8. For offering third parties with the information within the scope necessary scope to fulfill the objectives set forth from 1 to 7 above
  9. For the company’s hiring process
  10. For employment management of employees
  11. With regard to the acquisition of personal information through methods that are not easily recognized by the customer, the company uses cookies, a method that is not easily recognized by the user, to obtain personal information when customers use this website.

Disclosure of personal data

1.Process for disclosure, adjustment, etc.

The user is able to request the following regarding his or her personal information.

  1. Disclosure of personal data retained by the company
  2. Notification of the purpose of using retained personal data
  3. Revision, addition, deletion in the event the details of retained personal data contradict fact
  4. Suspension of the use of or deletion of retained personal data due to handling which violates the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or if the personal data was acquired through methods that violate the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
  5. Suspension of the provision of retained personal information to a third party if the personal data is being offered to a third party through a method which violates the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

The company will respond to requests for disclosure of personal information through the procedures set forth in Item 3. Please note that disclosure will not be possible in the event of the following.

  1. In the event the requested information does not concern personal information data
  2. In the event the user’s identity cannot be confirmed
  3. In the event the request is placed through an agent and agent rights cannot be confirmed
  4. As otherwise stipulated by laws and ordinances

Please note that users may be asked to pay a service fee depending on the details of the request. Questions should be directed to the contact for disclosure set forth in Item 2.

2.Disclosure Contact

Documentation and Legal Affairs Division, Administrative Department, Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.
<By post>Hamacho-Center Bldg.2-31-1,Nihombashi,Hamacho,Chuo-Ku,Tokyo,103-0007,JAPAN.


Please complete the following request form, enclose the necessary documents, and send by mail to the contact listed above.

  1. Details of request (Disclosure, notification of objectives of use, revision, suspension of use, suspension of provision to a third party)
  2. Name, address, telephone number, member code (if any)
  3. Destination address (Data will be sent by (registered) postal mail)
  4. Documents for user identification
    Please attach a copy of (1 exhibit in the case of public certificates such as a driver’s license, passport, insurance card, or pension book; 2 or more exhibits in the case of receipts for utility payments, receipts or tax payment certificates for national tax/ local tax, student handbook/ student identification cards, membership cards with a photo)

Request form

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For inquiries/ complaints regarding the Concerning Protection of Personal Information

Please contact the following for inquiries, complaints, etc. regarding the Concerning Protection of Personal Information by the company.

◆Enquiries regarding the handling of personal information
Documentation and Legal Affairs Division, Administrative Department, Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.
<By post>Hamacho-Center Bldg.2-31-1,Nihombashi,Hamacho,Chuo-Ku,Tokyo,103-0007,JAPAN.