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Other (Disclaimer, etc.)

The Customer shall be responsible for his or her use of this website. The Customer shall be responsible for any information he or she enters on this website. Please note that information and service content, the URL, and other content on this website may be supplemented, changed, or deleted by the Company without prior notice. The Company may interrupt or suspend the entire website or a part of the website without prior notice due to system failure caused by natural disasters including fire, power outages, and earthquakes, or for reasons of sheer necessity such as system maintenance. The Company will not be held responsible for any damages/ losses, etc., incurred by the Customer as a result of the following. In the event the Customer causes damage to the Company as a result of violating this agreement or through dishonest or illegal actions, the Company is entitled to seek proper compensation for damages from the applicable user.

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  3. Trouble arising between customers using this website or between the Customer and a third party.
  4. In the event emails, requests for documents, and other inquiries by the Customer are not received by the Company due to Internet failure, accidents, etc.
  5. Interruption/ suspension of the entire website or a part of the website.

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