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Procedures for requesting disclosure etc. of personal data held

(1) Requesting disclosure etc.
Be sure to request disclosure etc. by post, enclosing the required documents together with the designated form, to the address below. Please write "Request for Disclosure etc. of Personal Data Held enclosed" in red on the outside of the envelope.

Personal Information Hotline, General Affairs Dept., General Affairs Div.,
Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.
Hamacho Center Building, 2-31-1 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007

(2) Documents (forms) etc. to submit in procedures for disclosure etc.
To request disclosure etc., download the following request form (A), fill out the designated information, enclose identification (B), and send these by post to the address under (1) above.
(A) Company-designated request form
Request for disclosure etc. of personal data held (PDF)

(B) Identification
A copy of one of the following documents: your driver's license, passport (showing your address), or health insurance card (hereinafter, first mask out the insured code/no. and similar information before submitting a copy of your health insurance card)

(3) Requesting disclosure etc. through a representative
If the party requesting disclosure etc. is the legal representative of a minor or an adult ward or a proxy entrusted by the individual concerned with requesting disclosure etc., in addition to the documents under 2 above also enclose the documents (under A or B) below.
A. Legal representative,
・ Documentation of the right to serve as legal representative (copy of family register or, if a parent or guardian, copy of health insurance card showing dependent family members): 1 copy ・ Identification of legal representative (copy of the legal representative's driver's license or health insurance card): 1 copy B. Proxy
・ Letter of attorney: 1 letter ・ Identification of proxy (copy of the proxy's driver's license or health insurance card): 1 copy

(4) Fee and collection method
The fee for each request for disclosure or notification of purposes of use is 1,500 yen. Enclose a 1,500 yen fixed-denomination postal money order certificate (issued by the post office) with the request documents. No fee applies to requests for correction or cessation of use.
* The customer shall bear any postage on delivery to the Company and fees on issue of the fixed-denomination postal money order certificate. * You will be notified if the fee enclosed is insufficient or if no fee was enclosed. If the fee still is not paid within the designated period, the request for disclosure or notification of purposes of use will be invalid.

(5) Method of responding to requests for disclosure etc.
A response will be sent by post to the address you entered for notification on the request for disclosure etc. of personal data held. (If you requested disclosure etc. through electromagnetic records, the response will be saved to media and then sent by post.)

(6) Purposes of use of personal information collected in connection with requests for disclosure etc.
Personal information collected in connection with a request for disclosure etc. will be used solely within the extent necessary to respond to the request for disclosure etc.

(7) Nondisclosure of personal data held
Personal data held will not be disclosed in the following cases. The designated fee will be collected even in a case of nondisclosure.
・ When the identity of the requester cannot be confirmed, such as when the address shown on the request form does not match the address shown on the identification documents ・ When the right to request disclosure etc. as a representative cannot be confirmed in a case of a request by a representative ・ When the subject of the request for disclosure etc. does not match any personal data held ・ When disclosure could be detrimental to the life, health, property, or other rights or interests of the individual concerned or a third party ・ When disclosure could markedly impede proper implementation of Company business operations ・ In other cases where disclosure would violate laws or regulations